Launch Eve

Today is the eve of my book being released, and my emotions are twisted up in a knot. One might think that after spending a year writing, revising, editing, formatting, cover designing, and interior designing, one might be excited to show all of their hard work to the world. But that couldn’t be farther from […]

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Cast Your Vote with Reviews

I had someone ask me what the hold up was with the next Felyin Lore book, and why I am writing other stuff instead of continuing with that series. Honestly, it is a hard book for me to sell. In the year and a half since its release, I’ve done countless giveaways and everything in […]

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How to be Inspired

Recently, someone asked for help on how to get inspired to write. Once I opened the dialogue, I soon found that they didn’t really want advice, but rather, they wanted someone to stroke their ego and tell them their words are worth reading. This was a “fishing for complements” type of trap. I gave the […]

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The Next Part of Me

I’ve run into many authors, big and small, who begrudgingly admit to writing “angsty poetry.” They always have to preface it by adding the word “phase” to justify such a time in their lives that has long since passed. Never one for reading, writing, or anything to do with poetry, I too once turned my […]

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It Is Here

Sitting here with the darkness of my doubts, I’m elated to announce that my novel “Feylin Lore: Reflections” is finally released! This has been a long road for me, with lots of mixed emotions—like a shrimp cocktail where some are fresh, others have turned, and I’m pretty damn allergic. I started writing this book in […]

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Sunset Lover

While writing my novella, “The Harrowing Halfbreed,”  I was entranced with a particular song, “Sunset Lover” by Petite Biscuit. Something about the melodic tone and beautiful high-pitch vocals put me in a perfect mood to write that particular story. In the way that the theme song to the X-files set the stage for something bizarre […]

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A Never Year

I know a lot of you are happy to see 2016 go. For me, this year will always be remembered fondly. Around this time last year, I was involved in a car accident that could have taken my life. Tragedy has a way of realigning your priorities. Since then, I’ve spent everyday following my heart, […]

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